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Butterfly Art Studio (蝴蝶童画) is an art enrichment programme in Singapore that aims to uncover hidden talents and nurture natural interests and ability in arts for children aged between 4-12 years old. Since its establishment in 2013, Butterfly Art Studio (蝴蝶童画) has become one of the most popular and awards-winning brands for children's art enrichment.

Within the inspiring learning environment of Butterfly Art Studio (蝴蝶童画), each child will explore a variety of art-making processes and develop their creativity and art-creating skills in a fun way with our uniquely designed curriculum and teaching methodology.

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What Makes Our Programme Unique

Interest cultivation through storytelling

Interest cultivation through storytelling

At the start of each class, the children will be guided into their imaginative world through vivid storytelling. Visually appealing artworks are carefully selected to fully engage the children’s creativity.

Personalized mentoring approach

Personalized mentoring approach

Teaching content and methods are adapted and customized to fit the interests, skills and capabilities of each child. High mentor-to-student ratio per class (1:8) ensures the quality of mentoring in each class.

Active and efficient engagement of parents

Active and efficient engagement of parents

The children’s performance is shared with their parents at the end of each class. Professional and targeted feedback is provided to the parents upon completion of each artwork created by their children.

Free-form and exploratory learning

Free-form and exploratory learning

The children are inspired to create their individual artworks from their own imagination. They are encouraged to explain the stories behind the artworks they created.

Immersion of in- and out-of- class art learning

Immersion of in- and out-of- class art learning

Mind-opening art immersion activities and paint-from-life field trips are regularly organized to build the children’s confidence toward independent art creation.

Parent Testimonials

We have received gracious and positive feedback from the parents of our junior artists. Click on a testimonial to enlarge.

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